Payment methods

Payment methods.

Customers will be able to make the payment in the following ways:

Debit and credit cards - After you create an order, you are redirected to the bank's payment gateway, where you can enter the necessary data for payment. The 3D security code will also be required to make the correct payment (without this code it is not possible to make payments at DB STORE), a code that is generated by the bank. This method of payment of the purchase price is treated as a prepayment. We would also like to inform you that our employees do not have access to the customer's card details. Everything is exclusively managed by the bank.

PayPal - After creating an order, the customer will be redirected to a secure PayPal gateway, where they access their PayPal account to complete the purchase. We would like to inform you that DB STORE does not have access to the Customer's PayPal account or any other information related to the Customer's PayPal account.

In order to protect Customers and DB STORE from fraud, we only ship confirmed PayPal address items related to the Customer's PayPal account. If you are unsure of the confirmation of the address, please visit the PayPal link provided and follow the verification instructions of the confirmed address.

Flag - In the case of a payment, the payment must be made exclusively with cash at the time of delivery of the purchased products. The payment on the mark entails an additional expense to the Customer for collection costs which may vary depending on the Courier in charge.

Bank transfer – After the order has been created and completed, all information containing the bank account number and random payment number will be sent to the customer. This method of payment of the purchase price is considered as a prepayment at our Unicredit bank. It is important to enter the random payment correctly, to assign the payment to the customer's order number. If you select this payment method it is good to calculate that the order will be shipped only once the payment is received, so it may take 1-2 days longer than the standard provided with immediate payment methods.